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Feedback from Windsurfers, kiters and Sailboaters has been very positive. The comment below was sent in by one of our customers this week:

"You guys nailed it with this watch. I love this thing for sailing!!
Buttons are perfect, the display is clear, bright, easy to read in direct sun while sailing. The configurations and settings are ideal for us. This is a huge step forward!!"


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Midwest Speed Quest has been the USA Distributor for LOCOSYS for the last 10 years. Most of the GPS units sold during that time continue to be in use. If you need parts or service for older GPS units, click here.

The GW-60 GPS is waterproof to 50 meters depth and does NOT need a waterproof case. The user can choose to record files at 1hz or 5hz frequency.No matter what your sport, the data will be immediately available to you at a glance. This includes Current Speed, Top Speed, Best Average Speed for 10 Seconds, Average of the 5 Best Top Ten Second Runs, and Total Distance Traveled. When you finish sailing, connect the GW-60 to your computer to download and analyze your files, place your Routes on Google Earth.

The GW60 can be used as a standard wristwatch for 2 months between charges. When used as a GPS device, the battery life is about 5 to 6 hours.

The GW60 holds 55 hours of data recording at 1 hz setting, and 11 hours of recording at 5hz.

Because the GW-60 records data in Doppler Format, the files from the GW60 will be accepted by all leading GPS Speed Sailing Sites Worldwide. Only LOCOSYS GPs Units record in Doppler Format.

The Australian Windsurfing Web Site "" has an excellent thread regarding the GW-60. This is a live active thread, with questions and comments from real windsurfers.

The GW-60 is available now for $245.

For a limited time, we are offering free shipping in the USA, or anywhere in the world.

Also: If you have ever purchased a GPS from Midwest Speed Quest, we are offering an additional $20 off your order. The delivered price for any prior customer is $225, including delivery!!!

Orders within the USA will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail. Expect 2 day delivery after your order is accepted. We will provide you with shipping and tracking information.
We also accept International Orders. Using International First Class Mail, delivery will be about 5 days.

We accept PayPal, checks, or credit cards. Use the link below to securely checkout using Paypal. You do not need a paypal account to use this link. Just enter an amount of $245.


Or you may call in your credit card if you prefer.

We also are willing to ship by FEDEX or DHL at additional cost.

Questions? Call or text 1-507-360-4801.

Thank you

The Midwest Speed Quest Team

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