The LOCOSYS GW 52 has been discontinued.


We also have inventory of the S3 T1000 clear hard case for $10 each, including free shipping in the USA. These are completely waterproof to 80 feet and are an excellent way to protect your GW 52 GPS.


The LOCOSYS GT11 and GT31 are no longer available.

This was a top quality, rugged GPS and most units are still in service.

After a few years the internal rechargeable battery may become weak and need replacement. This can be performed by the owner, or I will install a new battery for a small fee. I have new original factory batteries in stock. Please contact me if you need you battery replaced in a GT11 or GT31.

TIP: For best battery life in any rechargeable device: recharge the device before placing into long term storage.


I also have Aquapac Model 218 Arm bands available for $40 each. This is the best solution if you are carrying a GT11 or GT31 or GW52 unit.

Aquapac 218 Case218_1_1


LOCOSYS produced a custom fitted elastic armband for carrying the GT11 and GT31 models while on land. These are ideal for walking hiking, biking, snow skiing, etc. The GW52 also fits very well in this case. The price of these armbands is $15.

Yellow Armband
LOCOSYS also produced a handlebar mount for the GT11 and GT31 GPS units for $10 each. These allow you to use the GPS as an ideal speedometer and odometer on your bicycle.

GT-11,BGT-11 Bike Mounting Kit