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May 1, 2011

Hello Fellow Windsurfers.

it is time to announce The 2011 Midwest Speed Quest. We would like to thank everyone who has participated in past years, and invite everyone back again in 2011. We have been working hard all winter long to make this Event even better. 

The speeds recorded in this Event can be compared with speeds recorded anywhere in the world. We work closely with the
Team at GPS Speed Surfing in Holland. These guys support all forms of Speed Sailing, including GPS Windsurfing, GPS Kiteboarding, GPS Ice Sailing, and new for 2011, we have added GPS Land Sailing.

Thanks to the Support of our Sponsors, we have over $3500 in Cash and Prizes to award to the Racers.
We will pay $1000 CASH to the fastest windsurfer on Lake Okabena in 2011. Speed shall be measured by the "The Best Ten Second Run". The 2011 Midwest Speed Quest follows the rules and methods set out by GPS Speed Surfing.

The "
Economic Stimulus Package "was a success in 2009 and 2010, and shall be repeated again in 2011. Starting May 1, 2011, the first run over 30 knots shall receive $100 CASH! More Stimulus Funds to be awarded all season long!

This has been a long an bitter cold winter. Spring has come late this year. For 2011, this event shall run from May 1 to October 15th on an open schedule. Pick a windy day that fits your schedule, and come on down. Let us help you with discounted Lodging and Great Food.

We have the best demo gear in the world for use by the visiting racers.

Please visit our
Web Site for complete information.

This is the 7th year of the Midwest Speed Quest. Every year we try to something new and different. This event is designed for sailors of all skill levels, from beginners to the top racers.

This Event is about Participation. We want Racers from ages 6 to 96!!!

No matter your skill level, we will be there to get you started Speed Sailing right!!!

As always, this event is FREE!!! There are never any fees or charges. You may enter as many times as you like all season long. We want you to participate as often as you can.

We will provide the GPS unit . The official GPS unit of the Midwest Speed Quest is the
GT-31 by LOCOSYS Technology. This is the finest hand held GPS available. With over $1000 on the line, our racers will want to use the most precise GPS device available.

Again for 2011, there will a 500 Meter Alpha Racing Category. This is an event where your best average speed is measured through a jibe. This sounds complicated, but is really quite simple, and is easily calculated by the GPS Speed Software.

We want to reward those racers who have excellent technical skills on the Race Course. This is a unique way to rank the Racers on their jibing ability.

For 2010, the Top Alpha Speed was recorded by
Andrew Anderson of Oakland California with a speed of 21.11 knots.

Midwest Speed Quest runs on a completely flexible schedule over a 6 month period. You decide when you want to race. The National Weather Service Forecasts are extremely accurate up to 5 days in advance. Find a windy day that fits your schedule, and let us know you are coming down. We will meet you on the Beach with a GPS ready to go. See the "NOTICE OF RACE" Page for more information.

There will also be a number of Scheduled race Days as well. On these days, we will provide free Refreshments and Snacks on the Beach, and a Hot Meal at the end of the day.

Spectators are always welcome. This is a great opportunity to meet the Windsurfers and find out more about this Sport.

The success of this Event is the support of the 29 Sponsors.

This Event is unique in that some are local, some are National, and many others are International.

Sponsors are the ones who make this all possible. We thank all these Sponsors for their support!

Please visit our "
Sponsors Links" Page. As you buy your gear in 2011, please support the People and Companies who make this all possible.

Thanks to the generosity of our Sponsors, we have the highest Speed Sailing Prize Money in the USA.
We also have lots of demo gear and prizes for visiting sailors from such fine companies as:
Carbon Art International (New Zealand)
Windsurf Deal (California)
Select Hydrofoils (France)
KA Sail (Australia)
Vector Fins (Maui)
AHD Boards (Germany)
Murrays Wind and Water
Barz Optics (Australia)
The Windsurfing Movie II (Hawaii)
Chinook Sailing Products
Aquapac International (London)
Red Bull Storm Chases DVD (Germany)
Gath Helmets (Australia)
Kaindle Electronics Windtronic Wind Meter (Rohrbach Germany)
LOCOSYS Technology (Taiwan)
Red Bull Energy Drink (Germany)
Onit Pro Xtreme Cream (Hawaii)
Windsport Magazine (Canada)

We also welcome:
"The Windsurfing Movie II". We will be giving away DVDs all season long. Thank you Jace Panebianco!

We have a number of discounted Motel Rooms at the
AmercInn of Worthington available to visiting racers, as well as discounted meals at La Azteca Mexican Restaurant of Worthington, the finest Mexican Food and the best Margarita anywhere.

We also want to thank these local Worthington Businesses for their support of the MSQ:
Avera Medical Group or Worthington
Guide Point Pharmacy of Worthington
United Prairie Bank of Worthington
Jason Vote State Farm Insurance of Worthington
Debs Healing Massage of Worthington
Buffalo Billfold Company of Worthington
LaAzteca Mexican Restaurant or Worthington
Worthington Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center

It is great to have your local support!!!

Stay tuned for even more announcements in the near future.

We look forward to seeing you on Lake Okabena in 2011!


Craig Bergh
The Midwest Speed Quest
133 Lake Avenue
Worthington, Minnesota 56187


Cell 1-507-360-4801