UA-23008646 Year End Report 2011 | The Midwest Speed Quest
Hello Everyone,

The 2011 Midwest Speed Quest on Lake Okabena, Worthington Minnesota is over. This was the 7th year, with many new and returning racers participating. It is time to announce the Final Results. 

We follow the rules and methods of International Speed Sailing. Our GPS units are the most precise hand held units available. Our speeds can be compared to other Speed Sailors around the World. And the Prize Money remains the best in North American Speed Sailing.

The racers competed in this event were provided with a LOCOSYS GT-31 GPS. The speeds were calculated using Doppler positional measurements, and are based on the "Best Ten Second Run". The GPS data was entered into a computer, and the data was carefully analyzed. Speeds were calculated with the greatest possible precision to 0.01 knots. The tools and methods used were consistent with International Speed Sailing Events, and GPS Speed Surfing.

And The Final Results are:

First Place: Andrew Anderson, Oakland CA 34.31 knots (39.46 mph)

Second Place David Knight, Fridley Minnesota 31.51 knots (36.24 mph)

Third Place Randy Johnson, Forest Lake Minnesota 31.07 knots (35.73 mph) (New Personal Best Speed)

Fourth Place Adam Anderson, Eagen Minnesota 31.03 knots (35.68 mph)

Fifth Place Judd Nelson, Minneapolis, MInnesota 30.89 knots (35.52 mph) (New Personal Best Speed)

Congratulations to the winners.  Andrew will receive $1000. David will receive $500, Randy $250, Adam $125, and Judd $75.  \

6th Place Ed Melechson, Papillion, Mebraska 30.44 knots (35.01 mph)

7th Place Arden Anderson, Fon du Lac, Wisconsin 30.17 knots (34.70 mph)

8th Place Erick Ries, Edina, Minnesota 28.19 knots (33.42mph) (New Personal Best Speed)

9th Place Jason Swanson, Bigelow, Minnesota 28.15 knots (32.37mph) (New Personal Best Speed)

10th Place Jerry Bachmeier, Bloomington, Minnesota  26.73 knots (30.74 mph) (New Personal Best Speed)

Youth Category:

1st Place Niels Zaunmueller, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 20.32 knots (23.37 mph) (New Personal Best Speed)
This is a very impressive speed for a 14 year old. Niels is also becoming a top course racer too.
Niels wins his choice of a Gath Safety Helmet or a Windtronic 2 Wind Meter

New for 2010, we created an Alpha Racing Category. This is a competition based on the best average speed through jibe (complete turn) over a 500 meter distance. This Category was designed to reward those racers with superior technical skills. Alpha Racing is somewhat new in the USA, but is very popular in other Countries. This is the 2nd year of Alpha Racing, and it has been very popular. 

1st Place Judd Nelson 22.52 knots (25.90 mph) ($500 Cash)

2nd Place Andrew Anderson 21.05 knots (24.21 mph) ($250 CASH)

3rd Place Arden Anderson 20.66 knots (23.76 mph) ($125 CASH)

4th Place Adam Anderson 19.91 knots (22.90 mph) ($75 CASH)

5th Place Ed Melechson 19.20 knots (22.08 mph) ($50 CASH)

Each year, we recognize the sailor with the greatest passion for Speed Sailing, and for the Sport of Windsurfing.  For 2011, the Spirit of Speed Quest Award goes to Richard Stirn of Worthington, MN. Richard took his very first lesson this spring, and quickly moved into the foot straps and harness. He recorded a Best Ten Second Run of 18.66 knots (21.46 mph). Richard has tremendous enthusiasm and the potential of being a top windsurfer. Congratulations Richard!!!    
Richard wins his choice of a Gath Safety Helmet, a LOCOSYS GT-31 GPS, or a Windtronic 2 Wind Meter.

A Special Thanks to the Crew at GPS Speed Surfing.  Thank you Martin Van Meurs, Roger Van Tongeren, Dylan DeJong, and the rest of the crew. Thank you for creating and expanding the Sport of Speed Surfing around the World!

And I really want to thank the Sailors. It is a pleasure to put on a event for competitors like the ones we have had year after year. Our home will always be open to all visiting Windsurfers. 

The Midwest Speed Quest was designed to be different. This event is free to all participants; yet pays the highest Prize Money in North America. The purpose is to promote the new Sport of Speed Sailing, and the City of Worthington. Our goal was to bring Sailors of all skills levels together and introduce them to the new Sport of Speed Sailing. The schedule was open 7 days a week for a 6 month period. Any visiting sailors were assured of the chance to participate anytime he/she was in the area. We provide free or discounted motel rooms at the AmericInn of Worthington, free refreshments on the Beach, and free hot meals at the end of the day.

Year after year, we provide free on-site Child Care,  Pet Care, and even Spousal Care (care of the Windsurfing Widow)!

All the work associated with this event was done on a volunteer basis. Meals and refreshments were served beach side all season long free of charge. A special thanks to my wife Pamela for her support and assistance over the last 7 years.

Each year we search the world for the finest Speed Sailing Gear available for our visiting racers to try out. This is the finest demo gear anywhere! A Special Thank you to the companies that provided demo gear for this Event. 

The Midwest Speed Quest is made possible by the support of our many Sponsors. These Sponsors allowed us to award $3000 in Prize Money, and the many drawing for Windsurfing Gear and Gift Certificates all season long.
I encourage you to support these Sponsors. Visit their links on the Sponsors Page.  Call these guys and buy your gear from them. Let these Sponsors you appreciate their support of the Midwest Speed Quest.

I would like to identify and thank our Sponsors at this time.

Thank you Juerg Schnorf of Windsurf Deal of  California for providing the KA Sails, including the Koncept, Koyote, Kult, and Kaos models.  Windsurf Deal is the North American Distributor of KA Sails, and has been a great Sponsor for each of the last 7 years. KA Sails hold the top speed sailing records around the world. The KA Koncept Sail was used by many of the top racers in the 2011, including David Knight, Randy Johnson, and Judd Nelson. KA Sails are designed to make you go fast!!!. Contact Juerg for more information about KA Sails.

Thank you Carbon Art International of New Zealand for providing a Carbon Art SL62 and SL80  Slalom Boards. These boards hold speed sailing records around the world. Here in Worthington, the Carbon Art Boards  took First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and Fifth Place. These boards are fast!!!

Thank you Vector Fins Maui for providing a full quiver of Vector Speed Fins including the Volt, Canefire, and Rockit.  In 2011, these fins won First, Place, Second Place, Third Place, Fourth Place, and Fifth Place. These fins are fast in real world windsurfing conditions of Worthington, and are also used by Top Speed Sailors around the world!

Thank you LOCOSYS Technology Taiwan, manufacturers of premium GPS devices. Year after year, the GT-31 has proven itself as the most precise and durable hand held waterproof GPS unit available. The firmware for this GPS is continually being optimized just for Speed Sailing by an International Team of GPS Experts.

Thank you Aquapac International, manufacturer of the top quality waterproof cases for a wide variety of applications. They provided the all the waterproof cases used in the Midwest Speed Quest. They will protect your GPS unit or cell phone, and they float too. No Aquapac has failed in 7 years of brutal use.

Thank you Chinook Sailing Products for providing the demo Carbon Racing Booms, Racing Harness Lines, and Quick Release Mast Bases. Chinook Sailing: "The Stuff You Trust"

Thank you DAKINE Products for being a great supporter of The Midwest Speed Quest. Many Dakine Products have been given out year after year courtesy of Dakine.

Thank you La Azteca Mexican Restaurant of Worthington for your support. Our sailors recommend your Great Food and cold Margaritas.

Thank you Murrays Wind and Sport for supporting this Event. Murray's is a leading distributor of the finest brands of windsurfing and sailing products including the cool Gath Helmets. Murrays has provided free Gath Helmets to all visiting racers year after year. And many racers have won Gath Helmets in the many gear drawings.

Thank you, AmericInn of Worthington. This is the most comfortable motel in Worthington, offering great rooms, great staff, great pool, and a complimentary breakfast.

Thank you Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau, who invite you to visit Worthington and "Spend the Night".

Thank you to Kaindl Electronic of Rohrbach Germany for supplying the Windtronic 2 Wind Meters. These are the most accurate hand held wind meter available.

Thank you Jace Panebianco and Poor Boyz Productions for the copies of The WIndsurfing Movie II.  These DVDs were given out all season long to visiting racers. Thanks Jace!

Thank you United Prairie Bank of Worthington for supporting the Midwest Speed Quest year after year. This is a great local bank with locations across SW Minnesota.

Thank you Guidepoint Pharmacy or Worthington for supporting the Midwest Speed Quest year after year. This is a great locally owned and operated Pharmacy serving the Nobles County Area.  Thank you Jason and Genny!

Thank you Jason Vote State Farm Insurance of Worthington.  This is a full service agency, providing great insurance services to the SW Minnesota area. Thank You Jason! 

Thank you Buffalo Billfold Company of Worthington for your support. Bill and Lauri Keitel offer the finest hand made Buffalo Leather Good available anywhere, and have a great selection of Windsurfing Clothing for all ages.

Thank you Peter Delay, SBC Media and  WINDSPORT Magazine, for the your continuing support of this Event. Our racers really appreciate the free issues all season long!

Thank you Avera Medical Group Worthington. This is a leading network of Medical Clinics and Hospitals across the Minnesota and South Dakota area.  with locations across SW Minnesota and SE South Dakota.

Thank you to Deb's Healing Massage and Day Spa. Our visiting racers (and their Spouses) appreciate your professional massage services at the end of a hard day of Speed Sailing.

And a special thanks to Jeff Hegwer, Jason Swanson, and to Therapeutic Winds Windsurfing School of Mason City Iowa. Jeff and Jason have been with use since the beginning, and are always there to support us, and to promote the Sport!            

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE! You have made the Midwest Speed Quest a Success!

Craig and Pamela Bergh
The Midwest Speed Quest
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Worthington, MN 56187



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