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October 5, 2011

Hello Fellow Windsurfers,

You are invited for another 2 days of Speed Sailing in the Midwest Speed Quest, on Lake Okabena in Worthington Minnesota. See our web site for complete information, rules, and contact information. This 2011 Season is over on October 15!

The high winds are back in Worthington Minnesota. The Weather Forecast for Thursday calls for base winds of 29 mph, with gusts of 39. For Friday, Weather Forecast calls for the base winds will be 32 mph, with gusts of 44 mph. These are extreme GPS Speed Sailing conditions, and will probably be the best winds for the rest of the Midwest Speed Quest 2011 Season.

As always, please notify us in advance if you plan to attend either or both days. Speed Sailing is a great Spectators Sport. You are invited to come on down, meet the Windsurfers, and learn more about this Sport!

We will provide you with the LOCOSYS GT31 GPS, which is the most precise handheld GPS available; and a Aquapac 218 Case. We will collect the GPS units at the end of each day, and analyze the data on the computer, and calculate speeds to the nearest hundredths of a knot. 

We follow all Rules and Methods of GPS Speed This is a group of Windsurfers from the Netherlands who promote GPS Speed Sailing everywhere. Thank you to the GPSSS Team for your support and assistance year after year. The Results of the Midwest Speed Quest  can be compared to Speed Sailing Events from around the World!!!

As always, the Midwest Speed Quest is free to all participants. There are no fees or expenses of any kind.  This Event was created to promote the City of Worthington, and the Sport of GPS Windsurfing. 

The fastest speed sailors by October 15th, will be awarded the highest prize money in North American Speed Sailing. $1000 First Place, $500 Second Place, $250 Third Place, $125 Fourth Place, and $75 Fifth Place. 

We will also award great Prize Money for the Best Alpha Speeds (this the best average speed over 500 meters during a complete jibe, or complete turn on the water. This is the perfect way to recognize those racers with best technical skills on the Race Course. $500 First, $250 Second, $125 Third, $75 Fourth, and $50 Fifth.

The Overall Top Speed Rankings, and the Overall Top Alpha Rankings as of October 1st have been included with this email message.  

We have the best demo gear here for competitors to try out. We have the Carbon Art SL 62 and SL80 Professional Grade Slalom Boards from Carbon Art International of New Zealand.  Carbon Art Boards have taken the top places in the Midwest Speed Quest year after year. These are the fastest boards we have ever found. 

We have KA Koncept Sails, courtesy Windsurf Deal California, and KA Sails Australia.  KA Sails dominate the MIdwest Speed Quest every year. Thank you Juerg Schnorf!

We have a quiver of Vector FIns courtesy Vector Fins Maui. Our Top  Five Riders have won this event year after year using the Vector Fins.  So far, the 2011 leaders have set their fastest speeds using the Vector Volt, Rockit, and Canfire fins.  Thank you Jeff Fagerholm!

We have Prizes to be awarded by random drawings, courtesy DAKINE USA. Thank you Bill Morrisey!

Speed Sailing is an extreme sport. We will provide a Gath Safety Helmet to all riders, courtesy Murrays Sports, California. This is the best and most versatile helmet available. Thank you Steve Murray!

Thank you to these Sponsors, and also to the local Sponsors, and other National Sponsors and International Sponsors that made the Midwest Speed Quest a success over the last 7 years.  See our Sponsors Page for a complete list of Sponsors.

As always, we will provide free refreshments Beach Side. We also offer on-site Child Care, Pet Care, and Spousal Care (care of the Windsurfing Widow)!

Please contact us if there are any questions.


The Midwest Speed Quest Team
Craig, Pam, and Carissa
133 Lake Avenue
Worthington, Minnesota 56187

Cell 1-507-360-4801


GPS Coordinates:
        Lat        43.62208
        Long     -95.61218        

2011 MSQ Overall Rankings as of October 12011 MSQ Alpha Rankings of Oct 1