UA-23008646 July 19, 2011 | The Midwest Speed Quest
July 19, 2011

Hello Fellow Windsurfers,

Finally, it's  time for some GPS Speed Windsurfing on Lake Okabena in Worthington, Minnesota!!   The Wind Forecast for Wednesday July 20 is excellent, with base winds of 22 mph, and gusts of 31mph from the Southwest. 

These are great speed sailing conditions, and the best winds we have had in a long time. This has been an unusual year; with a late spring, excessive rain, and now the hottest summer on record. We look forward to lots of high winds and great speeds for the remainder of the 2011 Season. 

We award the highest prize money in North American GPS Speed Sailing, with $1000 CASH to the fastest  speeds recorded before October 15. We will also pay $500 for 2nd Place, $25 for 3rd, , $125 for 4th, and $75 for 5th. 

We follow all Rules and Methods of GPS Speed This is a group of Windsurfers in Netherlands who promote GPS Speed Sailing everywhere. Thank you to the GPSSS Team for your support and assistance year after year. The Results of the Midwest Speed Quest  can be compared to Speed Sailing Events from around the World!!!

This is the 7th year of the Midwest Speed Quest. See our Web Site for complete information. 

We are also pay great Prize Money for the best Alpha Speeds on Lake Okabena in 2011.  The Fastest Alpha Speed Recorded in 2011 shall receive $500 CASH!!! Alpha Racing is a measure of average speed through a 500 meter jibe (complete 180 turn at high speed). This sounds complicated, but is easily calculated by the GPS Speed Software. 

As always, the Midwest Speed Quest is free to all participants. There are no fees or expenses of any kind.  This Event was created to promote the City of Worthington, and the Sport of GPS Windsurfing. 

Each year we search the World for the finest speed sailing gear available, and have it here for our guests to try out. This is a great way to test the newest boards, sails, and speed fins. Thank you KA Sails AustraliaWindsurf Deal of CaliforniaCarbon Art Boards New Zealand, Vector Fins Maui. We have Gath Helmets available for use by all racers courtesy of Murrays Sports. 

The LOCOSYS GT31 is the official GPS of this Event. This is the most precise hand held GPS available, and will be provided to all racers, along with a Aquapac 212 Case.

The fastest speed recorded on Wed will win their choice of either $100 CASH, or a free Gath Helmet courtesy Murrays Sports, or a free WINDTRONIC ll WIND METER courtesy Kaindle Electronics of Germany

All competitors on Wed will win their choice of a free copy of THE WINDSURFING MOVIE ll (only the coolest movie ever)or a free Aquapac 212 Waterproof Case

While you are here, be sure and get the latest issue of WINDSPORT MAGAZINE, courtesy SBC Media.

The heat index for Wednesday will be be a sizzling 110 degrees Fahrenheit, so there will be lots of Ice Water and Cold Beverages provided on the Beach.

If you are spectator or a beginner Windsurfer; you are invited to come on down. Meet the Sailors. GPS Speed Sailing is a great spectator Sport!

All racers will receive a coupon for free or discounted meals at La Azteca Mexican Restaurant of Worthington. They are famous for their Hot Food and cold Margaritas.

Please contact us if there are any questions.


The Midwest Speed Quest Team
Craig, Pam, and Carissa
133 Lake Avenue
Worthington, Minnesota 56187

Cell 1-507-60-4801


GPS Coordinates:
        Lat        43.62208
        Long     -95.61218