UA-23008646 Year End Report 2006 | The Midwest Speed Quest
This is a wrap up of the 2006 Season.

The racers competed by wearing a Garmin Foretrex 201 GPS unit. The speeds were based on the "Average of the Fastest 5 Ten Second Runs". The GPS data was entered into a computer, and the data was carefully analyzed. Speeds were calculated with great precision. The methods used were consistent with rules set out by
GPS Speedsurfing, the International Sailing Federation, and The World Speed Sailing Record Council.

The final results are:

1st Place:
Chris Lock, Plainview Minnesota 31.00 knots (35.70 mph).

2nd Place:
Jay Corbett, Richfield Minnesota 30.87 knots (35.51 mph)

3rd Place:
Adam Anderson, Eagen Minnesota 29.96 knots (34.85 mph)

4th Place:
Andrew Anderson, San Francisco CA 29.62 knots (34.08 mph)

5th Place:
Jeff Adamski, Elk River, Minnesota 29.04 knots (33.42 mph)

Congratulations to the winners. Chris received $1000 CASH, Jay $500, Adam $250, Andrew $125, and Jeff $75.

On October 6 and 7, Chris sailed 138 miles and Jay sailed 101 miles. These were brutal sailing conditions with winds ranging between 25-40+ mph on both days. The competition was intense. This battle was reported both in the St Paul Pioneer Press (November 6, 2006) and in Windsurfing Magazine (Feb/March 2007 Issue).

These Top Five Racers will also receive a
$50 Gift Certificate towards the purchase of a G Sport Precision Fin. This certificate is valid at WindPower Windsurfing of Fon du Lac Wisconsin.

Three of the top five racers used the
G Sport Precision Fin to win the Midwest Speed Quest!

6th Place
David Cleveland, Howard Lake, MN 28.49 knots (32.79 mph)

7th Place
Ulf Jentler, Des Moines, Iowa 27.64 knots (31.81 mph)

8th Place
Richard White, Portland Oregon 27.30 knots (31.42 mpn)

9th Place
Steve Johnson, Shore View, Minnesoa 27.12 knots (31.16 mph)

10th Place
Jeff Hegwer, Worthington, Minnesota 27.01 knots (31.08 mph)

The 6th to 10th Racers received a free copy of the new "
FASTER" DVD by Peter Hart. Peter Hart and Side Off Video are the newest Sponsors of the MIdwest Speed Quest.

Peter Hart is a top British Windsurfer and creates great educational Windsurfing DVDs. Side Off Video is a leading US distributor of windsurfing and kiting DVDs. Check out their links on our "Sponsors" Page. The "
FASTER" DVD is recommended!

The Midwest Speed Quest would also like to recognize the Junior (18 and under) Division.

Junior Mens:
Jason Swanson, Worthington, MN 25.91 knots (29.79 mph)

Junior Womens:
Lisa Kremer, Worthington, MN 22.55 knots (25.95 mph)

The competition for 2006 was very close. The difference between First and Second Place was a mere 0.13 knots (0.19mph)!

We had a great turnout with 42 Windsurfers participating.

Of these 42 racers, 9 were first time sailors. Some of our more senior sailors have windsurfed for over 25 years.

The youngest sailor was first time sailor
Rebecca Christenson age 10.

There were over 100 Sessions in the 2007 season. Of these, 73 were officially logged and computed. More than
1425 Miles of Speed Sailing were officially recorded on Lake Okabena in 2007!

2006 High Mileage Award goes to Chris Lock with a total of 267 miles for all recorded sessions, and to Jay Corbett with 188 miles.

The most sessions were recorded by Jason Swanson (8), followed by Chris Lock (7), Jeff Hegwer (7), and Arnie Cleveland (6).

Formula Sessions were turned in by Ulf Jentler, Jeff Adamski, and Lisa Kremer.

Arnie Cleveland and Jack Wiley represented Long Board Division.

Thanks to Jeff Hegwer and Jason Swanson for all their assistance during the 2006 season. Thanks to Arnie Cleveland for his assistance, and high level of enthusiasm for Speed Sailing.

And a special thanks to the Sailors. The sailors in 2006 were a terrific group.
We look forward to seeing you again in 2007!

The Midwest Speed Quest was designed to be different. The Event is free!. This was a Windsurfing Destination for sailors of all skill levels. The schedule was open 7 days a week for a 6 month period. Any sailor was assured of the chance to race anytime.

All work associated with this event was was done on a volunteer basis. Meals and refreshments were served on site all season long without charge. A special thanks to Pamela Bergh for the many fine meals cooked and served over the last 6 months to the visiting Sailors.

The Midwest Speed Quest is made possible by the support of our Sponsors. These Sponsors allowed us to award $2000 in prize money, and the many drawings for many Gift Certificates and Prizes given all season long.

I encourage you to support these the Sponsors. Visit their links on the "Sponsors" Page. Call these guys when it time to buy new gear. Tell the Sponsors you appreciate their support of of the Midwest Speed Quest. This will assure we can do this again in 2007.

Thank you
E&J Enterprizes. 1-519-357-2761. These guys will build a custom lightweight aluminum windsurfing trailer to your exact specification and deliver to your door! I bought one 2 years ago and it is great. (And I can pull it behind my small car)

Thank you
Aquapac International, manufacturer of the top quality waterproof cases for a wide variety of applications. They provided the all the waterproof cases used in the Midwest Speed Quest. They will protect the GPS unit, and they float too. We have not had a GPS failure in 2 years of hard use. A handy link to Aquapac can be found on our "Equipment" page.

Thank you
Windsurfing Hawaii (1-408-394-9695) and KA Sails Australia. They provided the demonstrator KA Koncept Speed Sails in 2006. These sails were tested by many of our sailors. Chris Lock, Jay Corbett, and Jeff Adamski all won using the KA Koncept Sail.

Thank you
Scuba Center 1-612-925-4818. They are a multi line Windsurfing and Scuba dealer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Thank you
Starboard and Trident Sports for supplying a demo Starboard iSonic 105 Windsurfing Board. The iSonic was a hit with the top racers. Jay Corbett won Second Place using this board.

Thank you
Dakine for being a great supporter of The Midwest Speed Quest. Many Dakine Products were given out this year courtesy of Dakine.

Thank you
Ezzy Sails USA for also supporting this Event. A number of Ezzy Gift Certificates were given out this year. I know these winners personally, and they really like their new sails.

Thank you
Sanford Health Worthington Clinic and Sanford Health Regional Health Services. They are a leading full service Medical Clinic with locations across SW Minnesota and SE South Dakota.

Thank you
Bedford Industries, Worthington, MN. Innovators in Twist Tie Applications, Product Identification, Bendable Components, and Packaging Solutions. Bedford Industires is also home to two great Windsurfers!

Thank you
Kathy Lesnar and Ax Portrait Studio 1-507-376-9191, Worthington, MN. Quality Portraits at an Affordable Price.

Thank you
Worthington Windsurfing Regatta. Home of the Coolest 3 Day Fusion of Live Music and Windsurfing. Now in its 8th year! See you the second weekend in June 2007!

Thank you
Worthington Anesthesia Services. Providing excellent anesthesia services for over 15 years. Also growing 2 families of windsurfers.

Thank you
Bill Kline of G Sport Precision Fins. Our top sailors found your fins really did make them faster. How about First, Second, and Third Place!!! And thank you Kevin Gratton of WindPower Windsurfing for teaming up with G Sport by providing $50 Gift Certificates to our Top Five Saillors.

Thanks again to our newest sponsors,
Peter Hart, creator of "FASTER" and the Master Class Windsurfing Instructional DVD Series, and to Side Off Video, Distributor of Windsurfing and Kiting Videos 1-805-927-8838.

And a Big Thank You to the crew at
GPS Speedsurfing for all your support and assistance with the Midwest Speed Quest.


Craig Bergh
The Midwest Speed Quest
133 Lake Avenue'
Worthington, MN 56187